Vossi Bob

Interviews, music, world views with Vusi

a fused ion on a funky purple and black vortex tunnel

Fused Ion

Sessions from the Production Org in Galway focusing on promoting music/artists in Ireland and beyond.

Uh, tunes.

Half an hour of music to start our FM broadcast each day. You can find out what’s been playing recently at https://onlineradiobox.com/ie/flirt/playlist/ and some smart speakers are also nice enough to tell you what the currently playing track is too. Technology!

A lovely gradient planet against a starry sky.

Time Capsule

Each week Nancy Wilde takes a look back at the music of a specific year.

Glaucus Atlanticus (sea creature)

International Waters

with music, chat, news, culture and guests from all over the world. Hosted by Cara Cleary.

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