2024 Volunteering;

Training is over for this academic year. We’ll email everyone that has signed up over the summer at the start of September 2024 to invite you to training then.

The getting-on-air process goes like this;

  1. Sign up using the Volunteer Application form above (or through Yourspace).
  2. Come to an Intro to Flirt FM Session
  3. Get desk trained (we’ll invite you to small group training after the intro).
  4. Complete a 10 minute trial “show” in Studio 2 (it doesn’t have to be perfect, we just want you to get a feel for putting a show together), and save or send the demo to us.
  5. We’ll assign shows to people in the order demos are completed/sent in.
  6. Radio Show & the thrill of the broadcast! (Which you can also podcast after ).
  7. There will be follow-up on how to use the live Studio 1 sound desk.

It is a platform where infectious energy emanates from the team through the soundwaves, changing your outlook on the day and sometimes on society.

Valerie McHugh former Flirt FM Volunteer & SIN Editor

We broadcast Monday to Saturday, taking FM breaks during exams and academic holidays. Along with the three staff, the station is operated by student volunteers. Whether your interest lies in production, technical work, interviewing, promotion, research, editing or presenting we’d like to hear from you.

Working at the station has many perks; it’s a great social network, you can apply for an Employability Award, ALIVE Volunteering Certificate and Flirt FM Digital Badge and crucially, if you’d like to work in media, the experience and skills you will pick up along the way are invaluable.

Digital Badges for Volunteering

Where it all begins… you have learned the basics about community media, how to structure a show, use a sound desk, complete your first recording and you have participated in the station’s output.


  • Complete Induction Session
  • Complete Desk Training
  • Make and submit a demo recording
  • Follow-up participation in station activity (research/ presentation/ production/ post-production/ promotion).

Next steps… you have settled into your role as a producer. You have completed 12 radio shows and learned to promote your show while developing your voice as a broadcaster.


  • Have been awarded a Radio Foundations Badge
  • Complete 12 radio shows
  • Promote show on a dedicated show social media account or submit promotional content to station.
  • Create web content – bio, show branding.
  • Make a show opener and promo ad.

Community Journalism… You have learned the basics of Current Affairs production. To cement your learning, you have done live and recorded news bulletins, researched topics, conducted interviews, edited audio and created digital content for the station.


  • Have been awarded a Radio Foundations Badge
  • Complete News Induction & Training
  • Research and Scripting of daily content
  • News headlines – scripting, reading, production (min. 12 live/recorded)
  • Story sourcing – evaluation and production
  • Prepare and produce a minimum of 2 interviews
  • Audio – pre & post-production
  • Digital and Audio publicity content
  • Website content (min. 2 articles)

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