Independent Radio Exchange

Starts Saturday Feb 4th The Independent Radio Exchange (Indie-RE) is a music programme playing new, independent music from across Europe. The series is also broadcast on radio stations all across Europe, including Radio Student (Slovenia), Radio Corax (Germany), Radio Helsinki (Austria), EMA (Spain), Civil Radio (Hungary), Campus Radio (France) and…


With Chris Watts and Luke Conlisk

Alternative Alert

The best in 90s, 00s, 10s and current indie and alternative with Conor Geraghty

a fused ion on a funky purple and black vortex tunnel

Fused Ion

Sessions from the Production Org in Galway focusing on promoting music/artists in Ireland and beyond.

70s woman with a box of 8 track cartridges

Forgotten Formats

Marcus Quinlan picks from his collection of cassettes, vinyl, mini-discs and more.

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