flirt fm studio 2

Studio & Equipment Hire

Flirt FM Studio 2 is available free of charge, for use by NUI Galway Students and Staff on non-commercial*, not for Station broadcast projects up to a total of 90 minutes per semester. If the project will take longer than 90 minutes total per semester, or is for a commercial project (for a paid app/funded production etc.) a charge will apply as below.

*Potential non-commercial uses might include; a voiceover for a college video/presentation, recording audio for a student stage production, personal podcast, short band demo, phone interview for academic work etc. Usage outside of this may impact availability of studio and ability of station volunteers to complete shows for broadcast, thus the charge.

Studio Hire

€35 per hour, full day rate €250. (Due to lack of landline to desk).

€25 per hour, full day rate 175.

This includes equipment, recording software, phone calls, blank media and access to high-speed HEAnet internet.

Studio Technician Hire

€35 per hour, full day €250 weekdays.

€40 per hour, €280 full day weekends.

Technician can assist with studio recording setup and topping/tailing of audio file(s) and digital transfer thereafter.

Sound Editor Hire

€35 per hour, full day €250 for a senior sound editor using Adobe Audition 3.0 or CC.

Outside Broadcast

Outside broadcasts can be booked at a rate of €100 per hour for the first hour, with subsequent hours at negotiable reduced rate.

This includes OB equipment, desk & microphone hire, presenter/audio technicians & online publicity of the event on and associated social networking sites.

Public Address without O/B

Can be booked at a rate of €75 per hour for the first hour, with subsequent hours at negotiable reduced rate.

This includes equipment hire (desk, mics, speakers etc.), presenter/audio technicians & online publicity of the event on and associated social networks.

RØDEcaster Pro “Studio in a Bag” Hire

ID and deposit of €50 required. Additional external microphones/cables/headphones available for a small fee.

RØDEcaster Pro includes two Sontronic Podcast Mics, XLR cables, Mic stands and a micro SD.

(Free for NUIG students & staff) €20 9-5, €35 per day/overnight, €200 week.

Portable Recorder Hire

ID and deposit may be required. External microphones/cables/headphones available for a small additional fee.

Zoom H1 @ €5 per day (Free for NUI Galway students & staff)

Zoom H4 @ €10 per day (Free for NUI Galway students & staff)

Studio Specifications

⋅ 3 x AKG C535 EB Condenser Vocal Microphones

⋅ 1 RODE Broadcaster Microphone

⋅ Closed studio headphones & JBL Control 1 Monitors

⋅ Soundcraft Series 10 Analogue Desk with Focusrite Saffire 2i to PC, 2 Standard Aux inputs and 4 channel DI box

⋅ Adobe Audition CC (single track recording) and Audacity

⋅ High-speed internet (averaging 90-100Mbps D/L & U/L)

⋅ Legacy Media – Phono, CD, DAT, Mini-disc, Cassette, Reel to Reel conversion available

⋅ Akustik+ Wall treatment, Nevada Acoustic Ceiling tiles, carpeted floors, and heavy duty acoustic doors

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