Rogha Bhríde
Rogha Bhríde Friday 20:00
Bríd Ní Mhaoileoin "Rogha Bhríde" (Bríd&Brigid's choice) - The mixed-bag-of-hair-raising-music radio show/Ceol a thógfadh an ghruaig de'd cheann!” Every week, Bríd grabs a bunch of cds, throws them into the bag, heads down to Flirt, digs in, & sees what happens. If she meets any interesting musicians on the way, she'll throw them into the bag too!

Rogha Bhríde


Friday _ 20:00

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Tracklist _ 2021-03-26

20:00:   Lá Lugh le Eithne Ní Uallacháin - Brighid's Kiss
20:02:   Éist leis an chlár anseo: - Listen to the show here:  
20:03:   Imelda May - Home
20:07:   The Gaelic Hit Factory - Ingheann (daughter)   []
20:11:   Yann Tiersen - Childhood   [Theme music from "Goodbye Lennon"]
20:13:   Armand Amar - Childhood   [Theme music from "Human"]
20:16:   The Bothy Band - The Butterfly
20:19:   The Bothy Band - Slow Reel - The Maids of Mitchelstown
20:22:   The Bothy Band - Fionnghuala
20:27:   Karan Casey - Roger the Miller   [(the rogue!)]
20:30:   IMLÉ - Síos a' Bóthar
20:35:   IMLÉ - Fún orm
20:40:   Antonio Breschi - Lu Rusciu te lu mare   [Sung by Consuelo Narea Breschi]
20:48:   John Spillane - We come in the Wind   [ (from the new CD 100 Snow White Horses)]
20:52:   Sí Fiddlers - Tune for Frankie & The Red Crow   [(13 female fiddlers from Donegal!!!)]
20:58:   Éist leis an chlár anseo: - Listen to the show here: