The low down

We broadcast on FM weekdays year round, and on Saturdays during peak term-time, taking breaks for Christmas, Easter and August. Bar the one full time, and two part-time staff, the station is composed entirely of student volunteers, and we can always do with more! Whether your interest lies in production, technical work, interviewing, promotion or presenting we'd like to hear from you.

Working at the station has many perks; it's a great social network, NUI Galway volunteers can get an ALIVE certificate, and crucially, if you'd like to work in broadcast the experience and skills you will pick up along the way are invaluable.

To get involved, fill out our volunteer application form (below). Volunteering is open to all long-term students in Galway city and county, and we'd love to hear from campus staff too.

Studio/Equipment booking

Studio 2 can be booked in half hour long blocks and the 6 digital recording units (Zoom H1 & Zoom H4Ns) can be booked in day-long blocks. Non students can rent equipment on provision of photo ID and deposit.

Apply online

To apply to join our wonderful team of volunteers complete the form below and we'll contact you before our next series of training sessions (main training is in September and January).

Contact Info
Word up! We contact volunteers by e-mail and text. Please ensure your contact number and email are correct.
Broadcasting areas
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Other optional useful bits
Before hitting apply We've noticed that recently our "succesful application" message hasn't popped up for everyone - applications are still getting through to us! See our Privacy Policy for how your information is used and protected. Good luck!