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    [IR] Eoin Dolan – Hare Island
    [IR] Daire Patel – Pretty Sweet
    [IR] No Photos – TIME TODAY
    [IR] RIA RUA – i don’t care
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Spitting off the Edge of the World
    [IR] Berri – Shadow Chroí
    [IR] Ailbhe Reddy – A Mess
    [IR] Japanese Jesus – Bus Weirdo
    Emma-Jean Thackray – Venus (Black Science Orchestra Remix)
    Blue Hawaii – Butterfly
    [IR] Restless – B@NG€R
    [IR] Kormac – New Day (Narolane Remix)
    Neggy Gemmy – Beep Beep
    [IR] Charli XCX – Used to Know Me (Yuné Pinku Remix)
    BG: [IR] Paddy Mulcahy – Thomas Street

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    Playlist 2022-04-06
    [IR] Loner Deluxe – How the West Wind Blows
    [IR] O Deer – Waterside
    [IR] Ye Vagabonds – Go Away and Come Back Hither
    [IR] Goodtime John & Bonnie Prince Billy – New Life
    [IR] Les SalAmandas – Gold (Fall with the Gun)
    [IR] Rosie Carney – Dad
    [IR] Uly – Waking up Blind (pt. 1)
    [IR] Kean Kavanagh – Heart Attacks
    [IR] Martian Subculture – Bitter
    [IR] Walshy – The Trek to Swords (ft. domtavlor)
    [IR] unq – In or Out
    [IR] Celaviedmai – HEAL
    [IR] Tomike – Another Life
    [IR] Efé – KIWI
    [IR] Levi Evans – Big Bite (ft. Lucy Williams)
    [IR] Spider – U Get High – I get Nothing

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    20220330 Lovesick
    [IR] Problem Patterns – YAW
    [IR] Niamh Regan – Love You Senseless
    Oliver Sim – Romance with a Memory
    [IR] Skinner – The Slump
    Lynks – Hey Joe
    Yaeji & OHHYUK – 29
    Marshall Vincent – On Me
    [IR] Driven Snow – Trying
    Lotic – Love and Light
    Weval – Minute by Minute
    Loraine James – Built to Last
    Violet Chachki & Allie X – Mistress Violet
    [IR] Le Boom – Friday Night (Bang Bang Remix) (ft. Æ Mak)
    [IR] Daithí – Familial
    {BG} Eli Keszler – The Vaulting Sky

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