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The Ruby Moon podcast is hosted by myself Martha Freehill and airs live on Flirt FM 101.3 and on Spotify, every second Tuesday at 2pm. The show is primarily a tangential speech of whatever is on my mind each week, usually concerning topics of mental health, relationships, friendship, spirituality and overall lifestyle.

To give some context about myself, I am a third year Journalism and Sociology student in The University of Galway. Other than podcasting this year I have recently gotten into Djing, I have a show called “DJ Martha” that runs every second Thursday at 9pm and all the mixes are on my Soundcloud! I got into techno about a year and a half ago, and particularly love “Groovy Techno” or “Hardgroove”, so I would describe my mixes as “dancey” Techno. In the future I would love to work in audio journalism, possibly as a radio show host or behind the scenes.

My inspiration for The Ruby Moon Podcast came from other podcasts such as “Same But Different“, which is Keelin Moncrief and Eimear O’Reilly’s podcast. This podcast also has a conversational dialogue between Keelin and Eimear about topics similar to what my podcast covers like relationships, life stories and advice. “The Blindboy Podcast” also inspired me for my podcast not in terms of topic but in terms of formatting, Blindboy presents his podcasts as conversational dialogues. His podcast takes hot takes and discusses them with an almost ASMR soothing voice.

In terms of the future of The Ruby Moon podcast, I believe that there is a wisdom that I have to share from personal experiences, not informing people on what I have learned or experienced but rather something that can make people feel recognized and can relate to. As a young woman the type of mental health media that correlates to me is media that I find relatable and I find comfort in this so this is what I would like to provide to other young people. I would also like to get a number of guests on my show such as friends and people who I think can provide wisdom in life, spirituality and mental health.

My most recent episode I discuss the complex feeling of loneliness as well as I can, from my point of view, how it is difficult in Christmas time, the benefits of building strong friendships and how to build up your independence after getting out of a relationship.

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