Students’ Union Raises Record €53,275 for Charity

University of Galway Students’ Union today presented the proceeds of their year of
fundraising events to Galway Rape Crisis Centre and Cancer Care West. The unique
charity events held throughout the academic year raised a total of €53,275 for the
two charities – the most ever raised by the Students’ Union.
The Students’ Union held fundraisers throughout the year culminating in the
triumphant return of Raise and Give Week in February which included events such
as the Firewalk, a head shave, a charity auction, a 5km fun run, a Taylor Swift Night
and a 5 A Side Tournament. They also held a giant Christmas Raffle, saucy Sex Toy
Bingo, Take Me Out, a Harry Styles Night, and Galentine’s Day Brunch.
Included in the total amount raised is a €20,000 donation from, Sult, Smokey’s Café
and the Students’ Union Shop. These services are owned by the Students’ Union
and raised money from a levy on disposable cups which is part of the Students’
Union’s ongoing commitment to eliminating single use cups on campus.

“We’re delighted to have raised the most money ever in our Union’s history for charity, and it’s all thanks to every single student that got involved with any of our events throughout the year. We’d also like to
thank the University for giving us this opportunity to bring Raise and Give week back
to its roots, raising money and bringing back that sense of community on campus.
I’m also delighted that our student owned services on campus helped out in the
fundraising efforts with a great initiative by donating the proceeds of a levy on single
use coffee cups, which further demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.”

Students’ Union President Dean Kenny

“In what has been a stressful year with the continued cost of
living crisis it’s great that the students and staff of University of Galway have put
such a huge effort in to raising funds to help others. We are delighted to be
presenting €53,275 to these two amazing charities who do so much for those in
need. To have raised so much is a great achievement for all involved.”

Students’ Union Vice-President for the Irish Language Officer Faye Ní

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