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Eoghan Murphy The Galway Gamer, brings you the best in gaming chiptunes and soundtracks; spanning from 8-Bit love to full orchestral pieces. Tune in every Thursday at 2pm for gaming news, trivia, and interviews.

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Thursday _ 14:00

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Tracklist _ 2017-10-26

11:00   Yasuhiro Kawakami - Shinobi (2002)- Moritsune
11:18   Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Silent Hill 3- You're Not Here
11:22   Corpse Party - Main Theme
11:25   Jake Kaufman - Ducktales: Remastered- Transylvania
11:38   Tee Lopes - Sonic Manaa- Studioloplus
11:41   Therapy? - Trigger Inside
11:45   Team RKT - This is Not the End
11:55   Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy VIII- Main Theme