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Famous Last Words
Famous Last Words Tuesday 20:00
Joe Neary & Conor Kenny A mix of new and old indie and alternative rock hand picked from the wild interwebs mixed with strange sounds and occasionally useful music/gig/game words. Presented by two wild men from out in the country.

Famous Last Words


Tuesday _ 20:00

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Tracklist _ 2020-03-10

20:00:   Vulture Casino - Psycho Brain
20:08:   Dayz N Daze - My Darling Dopamine
20:12:   Honeyblood - She's A Nightmare
20:18:   Roe - Look Who's No TV
20:21:   Harkin - Mist On Glass
20:27:   A Bitter Ruin - Map To The Sun
20:31:   NewDad - How
20:38:   And So I Watch You From Afar - A Slow Unfolding Of Wings
20:43:   Ash - Angel Interceptor
20:49:   Pillow Queens - Gay Girls
20:56:   Galway Street Club - Hit That Bottle