Famous Last Words
Famous Last Words Tuesday 20:00
Joe Neary &
Conor Kenny
A mix of new and old indie and alternative rock hand picked from the wild interwebs mixed with strange sounds and occasionally useful music/gig/game words. Presented by two wild men from out in the country.

Famous Last Words


Tuesday _ 20:00

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Tracklist _ 2018-09-11

20:00   Fight Like Apes - Kathmandu
20:05   Quinn Marston - Can You hear Me See Me Now
20:08   The Mighty Stef - The Night Watchman
20:14   Heathers - Midnight Train
20:18   Havvk - Once Told
20:24   Clutch - Gimme The Keys
20:28   Geology - Living Things
20:34   Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill
20:39   Oh Boland - Jane Russel
20:45   The Teddy Bears feat. Iggy Pop - Punk Rocker
20:49   Fiona Apple - Better Version Of Me
20:54   The Autamata - Liberty Bell
20:57   Ben Folds - Annie Waits