Online/Self-Guided Volunteer Training

We have moved our regular Volunteer Induction Training into an eLearning format that you can complete whenever you like, in your stretchy pants, eating dinner, or doing a facemask…

The first part of the course is the Station Intro & Radio Basics. Much like LinkedIn Learning, you watch a short video, answer a few multiple-option-questions and then move on to the next video. This should take less than an hour. You can also read the information in PDF format instead and answer the questions, if video isn’t your thing.

When you’re finished that, Recording your Demo & Editing Basics is next… then you can request desk training and record in Studio 2. If travelling to campus is an issue, you can make your short demo at home and send it to us.

The whole getting-on-air process goes like this;

  1. Do the Station Intro & Radio Basics course.
  2. Then do the follow-up Recording your Demo & Editing Basics.
  3. Book some studio time and get trained in on the sound desk
  4. Complete a short 10 minute trial “show” (it doesn’t have to be perfect, we just want you to get a feel for putting a show together).
  5. We’ll assign shows to people in the order demos are completed.
  6. Radio Show & the thrill of the broadcast! (Which you can also podcast after 😉 ).
  7. There will be follow-up training on how to use the sound desk and go live if you want to.

By the way, if you’re just curious about community radio, sign up and feel free to do the training sessions with no obligation to go on air. 

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