Interview: The Galway Rape Crisis Centre

This is an interview with Sarah Jane from The Galway Rape Crisis Centre and Martha Freehill from the Flirt FM newsteam. In this interview they discuss the services offered by The GRCC (Galway Rape Crisis Centre), Sarah Jane’s experience of working in the centre, how to get in contact with or start your journey volunteering with them.

This interview may be of interest to people who are intruiged by the work that is done by the volunteers at the GRCC and why they are so passionate about the cause. Sarah Jane also discussed their relationship with the Coldvember fundraiser, and the continued support and exposure that Coldvember contribute to them. If you are looking to seek advice from the GRCC, would like to avail of their survice and want to hear about what will be involved in the process of contacting them and using their services, or are passionate about the services that they offer and would like to volunteer with them. Then this interview will be beneficial for you.

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