Galway Film Fleadh // Home: The Story of Zak Moradi

Home: The Story of Zak Moradi is having its world premiere at Galway Film Fleadh on Friday 12 July at 16.15 at Pálás Cinema – We spoke with Director Trevor Whelan about his experience in making the documentary

HOME: The Story of Zak Moradi follows the inspiring journey from Zak’s childhood in a Kurdish refugee camp to his significant role in the Irish community. This film highlights his integration into Irish society, illustrating how Kurdish and Irish cultures merged in his life. It showcases his contributions as a hurling player for Leitrim, and his efforts against racism, through work with organisations like SARI and the One Foundation. The documentary also follows Zak’s emotional return to Kurdistan, capturing the beauty of Kurdish culture. It addresses the severe impact of the conflict by visiting sites like Halabja and refugee camps in Arbat, offering a comprehensive view of Zak’s character, history and family.

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