Retreat Comedy Culture Night Live Recording

Chart topping Retreat Comedy, a scripted podcast, will be recording live on Culture Night Galway at the Flirt FM studios. The audience are invited to come to the studios to observe and hear the five actors and the engineer as they record. They can also tour the studios and see radio shows broadcasting from Flirt FM. The recording will also be streamed live on

The series is written/produced and directed by Andi Ipaktchi and Aoibheann McCann. Watch the well known actors as they switch between voice characters. Paul ‘Fred’ McCloskey returns as evil groundskeeper Malachy McCourt and radio presenter come documentary maker Damien McKagan. Helen Gregg plays former housemaid Teresa Black who has come into a large inheritance and Agnes De Lamballe , eccentric artist. Gavin Morgan returns as stoat obsessed German soundscape artist Gunter Hermelin and takes up the role of new resident image-obsessed Liverpudlian Jonathan Woodruff. Andi Ipaktchi plays Joceyln O’Shaughnessy Tiger Mom and her son Wendell O’Shaughnessy, the new Michael Flatley. Aoibheann McCann reprises her role as the pendantic poet Mary Ward and new resident DJ Mercury.

The cast of Retreat Comedy, featured in sold out performances on Culture Night 2020 and 2021 in Athenry.

Catch up on the first series, with Episodes 1-3 on Monday 6-8pm, and 4-6 on Thursday 6-8pm.

Audience members can drop in anytime between 6 and 9 pm at Flirt FM studios to see and hear the recording in progress.