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Recording at Home

Recording at Home

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Hi All, 
Hope you're all managing okay at home!

I did up a couple of (as simple as possible) editing/recording guides. You can find them here: Volunteer Training Videos. You can also find a printable (or transcrib-able)  Dark Audacity Shortcut Guide here.

The remote recording one is the basics of recording something into your smartphone, and adding music in afterwards. A couple of (AMAZING) volunteers have already tried it out, and are sending shows in from home using Wetransfer to studio[at]flirtfm.ie

Also we've been using Cleanfeed to connect into studio with success - we've also used it to record interviews, and single voice too - much better quality than anything on a smartphone, Skype, or using your mic array to record into Audacity etc. Free account does a good bit - the only thing the paid account has that you might need is echo cancellation for multiple people.

Keep an eye on Insta and Twitter for new and live show announcements.

If you have any arrangements, or news you'd like us to share, we can do so through the Flirt FM Insta and Twitter accounts - tag away! Apart from that, let us know how ye're getting on!

Sure, lookit, on we go...

Paula, Eoghan & Heather