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Happy Christmas 2020

Happy Christmas 2020

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We're going off FM from Saturday 19th of December at 10pm. We'll be back on Monday 18th of January at 8am (there will still be some exams on that week, but hopefully you'll have most of them out of the way).

Show timeslots continue as before for next semester.
We'll be running repeats & tunes 247 on the webstream (still sticking to the schedule, so you'll know roughly what you'll be tuning in for).

With not a clue in the world how things will be in 2021, be it a third post-Christmas lockdown, or marvellous results from vaccines, we are coming up with a plan for returning staff to the station, then interns and then volunteers (the latter being a Level 2 or 3 thing). We'd really love for any new volunteers that have never gotten to broadcast from the studio would get at least one or two chances to do so before the end of semester.

But anyway; to all our volunteers, interns, guests and listeners, thank you so much for being awesome.

Paula, Eoghan & Heather (and Valerie, Dylan, Darren & Cormac).