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SHAG Week Interviews

SHAG Week Interviews

Tags: NUIG programmes

Aine Gallagher conducted 3 interviews on #NUIGsafecampus and #SmartConsent campaign in advance of NUI Galway SHAG week 2016.

1. Elaine Byrnes from the School of Psychology, discusses the consent workshops available to students. Elaine provides an idea of what to expect, reporting that these workshops are fun, non-threatening and foster an open discussion, developing an enhanced understanding about what consent means.

2. 100 Shades of Grey explores consent from numerous perspectives and scenarios, realising the complexity of the topic. Students provide insight into what they've gained from this experience and give advice to peers on the issue.

3. Michelle Caulfield from the Galway Rape Crisis Centre, provides an overview of the services available and explains that students regularly access these. Michelle outlines that all support is non judgmental and imposes no obligations on people. Sexual assault can take many forms and people with any concerns are urged to contact the service for more information.