Multi-track Training

Multi-track Training

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Monday November 7th, 6pm // Meeting Room 2, Áras na MacLéinn.

In this training session we'll demonstrate the basics of multi-track editing, applicable to radio shows, podcasts and making ads.

This is for anyone that has recorded anything basic into a sound editing programme before, but not used multi-track to mix down files yet. We'll be working in Audition, but also demonstrating Audacity.

Not just for Flirt FM Volunteers, this is open to all.

To sign up, just click attending on our Facebook Event.

Optional Extra Bit!
To make all that delicious learning sink in we'll put it to use after the session by heading into Studio 2 in Flirt FM and making a promo and an opener for your show. (Or maybe a opener for your podcast). You'll need to have the pieces of music/sound effects on a USB, and a short script, but we'll help you do the rest!