2015 Training Dates: Schedule now full

2015 Training Dates: Schedule now full

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Our schedule is currently full, but we will contact everyone that signs up when there are any more training sessions.

Sign up now for semester 2 training - it starts Tuesday 20th of January. If you have previously signed up after we conducted our last training in September, we'll make sure to email you with details.

We still need some people to cover; current affairs, sports, arts, student issues, entertainment, specialist music and more. 

The getting-on-air process goes like this;
  1. Sign up to volunteer.
  2. Attend one induction session, a follow-up desk & recording session (we'll invite you by email after induction).
  3. Complete a demo to an acceptable standard (it doesn't have to be perfect, we just want you to get a feel for putting a show together).
  4. We'll assign shows to people on a first-demo-completed first served basis.
Induction Sessions (duration: 60 min)
Venue: Large Acoustic Room, Áras na MacLéinn
  • Tuesday 20th January 18.00hrs
  • Monday 27th January 18.00hrs (Last chance 'til Summer)
By the way, if you're just curious about community radio, feel free to pop along to the training sessions with no obligation to go on air.

See (and hear) you soon!