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Maylist 2013 Online

Maylist 2013 Online

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We put out the Flirt Playlist several times a year, but the Maylist always seems a bit special; everyone's getting on with exams and essays while figuring out what they're up to for the summer. (If that summer materialises is another thing). 

Local heroes Daithi and Orla Buckley feature amongst the Irish acts on the Myalist for this year, which also includes Young Wonder, ASIWYFA (their latest album is still on heavy rotation at Flirt Towers), Krystal Klear (who plays in Electric on Friday 3rd of May) and Enemies featuring Conor Adams of The Cast of Cheers. Never mind the highly anticipated new tracks from Disclosure, Daft  Punk, Gold Panda and f y f e. 

It looks set to be a great summer (for music anyway)!

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