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NUIG Training Times

NUIG Training Times

Hey all, here are the time for each of the training areas. We're going on air with the new schedule on Monday 15th of October with you in it!

Please let us know which sessions you can make via the messaging box on flirtfm.ie or to info@flirtfm.ie, so we can adjust for large numbers.

Please attend one session each day and the Libel Lecture on Wednesday if possible!
  • Monday - Intro to Flirt & Digital Recording
    10am or 12pm or 2pm

  • Tuesday - Desk & Production
    10am or 12pm or 2pm

  • Wednesday - Presentation Workshop
    10am or 12pm or 1pm

  • Wednesday 7pm D'arcy Thompson Theatre
    Professor Marie McGonagle presents Libel Law
    This is a hugely important area for presenters!
GMIT Training takes place the following week, more details to follow...