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Eoghan Murphy The Galway Gamer, brings you the best in chip tunes and gaming soundtracks, spanning from 8-Bit love to full orchestral pieces. Tune in every Thursday at 2pm for gaming news, trivia, and interviews.

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Thursday _ 14:00

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Tracklist _ 2017-07-27

13:00   Bust-a-Groove - Robo-Z's Stage
13:07   Super Mario Odyssey- Pauline and the New Donk Players - 1-Up Girl
13:11   Bear Worship - Simmerings
13:14   Shantae- Half-Genie Hero - Dance Through the Danger
13:29   Killer Instinct - KI Feeling
13:30   Kormac feat. Irvine Walsh - Another Screen
13:33   Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - Bloody Tears
13:40   Guilty Gear Xrd - Heavy Day
13:49   Sonic R - Can You Feel The Sunshine
13:54   Persona 4 - Dancing All Night